Rep. Lima Receives Committee Assignments


STATE HOUSE — Speaker of the House K. Joseph Shekarchi (D-Dist. 23, Warwick) has appointed Rep. Steven J. Lima (D-Dist. 49, Woonsocket) to serve on the House Corporations Committee and the Committee on Municipal Government and Housing.

The Committee on Corporations considers issues relating to financial institutions, business regulation, property and casualty insurance and consumer protection. The House Committee on Municipal Government considers all matters affecting municipal governments, housing and transportation.

Representative Lima was elected to the House in November. He was sworn in on Jan. 5.


President Biden ordered the strike in eastern Syria following a series of rocket attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq. A Defense Department spokesperson says the strike sends the message that Biden will act to protect U.S. military personnel in the region. The airstrike targeted facilities in Syria that are used by at least two Iranian-backed groups.       A minimum wage increase does not meet the standard to be included in a massive coronavirus relief package. The Senate parliamentarian said this is because Democrats are passing the COVID measure under a process that allows a simple majority vote. A 15-dollar minimum wage could still happen, the bill would just need Republican support.        Pfizer vaccines no longer have to be kept at ultracold temperatures during transportation. The FDA says the vaccines can also be stored for up to two weeks at "conventional temperatures" found in pharmaceutical freezers.        A Minnesota Timberwolves player is suspended for the next 12 basketball games. TMZ reports Malik Beasley, pleaded guilty to threatening to commit a crime of violence after he pointed a gun at a family who was outside his home last September. Prosecutors say he was angry because his home was added to a popular must-see location list.        A 35-dollar bowl bought at a Connecticut garage sale is being valued at half a million dollars. Sotheby's auction house in New York says China's imperial court used the small blue and white bowl during the Ming dynasty in the early 1400s. The auction house says there are only six other bowls known to have survived that period of history. It will hit the auction block next month.