Much of the Western U.S. is dealing with triple digit temperatures as a historic heat wave grips the nation. Over 50-million Americans are under heat warnings and watches this week. Temperatures well above 100, even close to 120, are in the forecast today for cities in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and Montana.       Reports say Southwest Airlines is beginning to resume operations after a national ground stop went into effect today. In a tweet, the airline blamed "system issues." Southwest has not officially confirmed planes are in the air again, but several news outlets are reporting operations are back up and running.       President Biden says Europe is the United States' "natural partner." Speaking in Brussels, Biden talked about a great shift in technology and the need to band together with the European Union to make sure shared human values are preserved. The President called it an enormous opportunity to think of big changes in terms of jobs and education.       Monthly rent on single family homes is rising more than it has in nearly 15 years. CoreLogic says single-family rent was up five-point-three percent year-over-year in April, up from two-point-four percent in April of last year. Rent prices saw the highest jumps in Phoenix, where it increased more than 12-percent year-over-year.       Vice President Harris says one-point-two-five billion dollars will soon be in the hands of hundreds of community lenders. Speaking at a White House gathering, Harris said the money aims to expedite the economic recovery from the coronavirus outbreak. She said access to capital is critically important to small businesses.       Philanthropist Mackenzie Scott is donating a ton of money to nearly 300 groups. The ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos [[ BAY-zos ]] said she and her new husband Dan Jewett donated more than two-point-seven billion dollars. She wrote in a blog post they looked for "equity-oriented non-profit teams working in areas that have been neglected."