President Biden is touring damage from Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida. He took an aerial tour and saw the devastation left behind one week after the storm made landfall. Biden is also getting a briefing from top officials on the situation in the hurricane-ravaged area.       A historic launch is finally off the ground after being delayed by Hurricane Ian. Four astronauts blasted off on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The SpaceX-NASA Crew-5 mission will arrive at the International Space Station on Thursday.        The Biden Administration is releasing more of the nation's oil reserves. The announcement was made in a statement by top officials including National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. The decision comes after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC [[ O-peck ]], announced a cut in production of two-million barrels a day.       The Texas attorney general is being ordered to testify in court over an abortion access lawsuit. Ken Paxton has tried to avoid taking the stand. However, a federal judge ruled if he has time to give interviews on abortion, then he has time to testify.       Americans view the U.S. Postal Service and NASA most favorably when it comes to government agencies and departments. That's the finding of a new Gallup poll. Sixty-percent have an excellent or good view of the Postal Service while 56-percent hold NASA in high esteem.       The first trailer for an upcoming holiday thriller called "Violent Night" is out. The film stars David Harbour as Santa Claus after he encounters a family that's being held hostage by a team of mercenaries. "Violent Nights" debuts in theaters on December 2nd.